Lecturer & Speaker

Quintus has wide experience of presenting light-hearted musical talks to a broad range of organisations. He would be interested to hear from any groups, within a 25 mile radius of Saffron Walden, who are looking for a speaker or entertainer.

Titles of Talks Offered

Talking of Instruments....
A demonstration of how different musical instruments work and how they have changed over the years.

Songs Through the Ages
A lively exploration of songs from today back to the Middle Ages, with some audience participation.

The Seven Ages of Music
An entertaining insight into the sounds we encounter from cradle to grave.

Music in Disguise
Exploring the intriguing changes that we hear when a tune is played in different ways.

Composing your own Christmas Carol
A practical session to make up your own tune to seasonal words of your own choice. Ability to read or write down music unnecessary. Finished songs can be recorded on phones to take away.


His popular series "Mixing with Music" consists of different topics, each designed to link music to one particular aspect of life. Topics can be selected to form a course of weekly lectures, or they can be chosen for a One-day Workshop.


Topics include: Music and ... Instruments; Nationality; Architecture; Pictures; Words; Dance; Drama; Film & TV; Religion; Nature; Money and Education.

Other Day Schools can be offered on specific topics, e.g. the anniversary of a composer, or a general topic such as Water.