Sound In-Sight
This is a book for teachers and pupils who are looking for new approaches to learning music. It is packed with hints on how pupils learn and how practising can become more profitable."A wonderful and really useful book, a bible for the music teacher- Quintus Benziger has hit the nail on the head at every turn"

Musical Plays
If you are looking for the next musical for your school or group, these musical plays will provide something refreshingly original.

Song Sets
If you are wanting new ways for your pupils to enjoy 'The Nutcracker' and 'The Carnival of the Animals' let them sing them to these clever adaptations.

A Little Book of Hints for pianists.
A Little Book of Hints for woodwind players.
A Little Book of Hints for singers.

Left-Hand Turn
A collection of well known songs specially arranged in the bass clef for piano left-hand.

Church Music
If you are looking for new musical settings of the Mass/Communion Service, this series of Masses provide memorable melodies for congregations to sing.