Musical Plays

Suitable for performance by adults and children, or for schools.

These are all ballad operas, which re-use existing music to fit new texts, as in the Beggars' Opera. Quintus Benziger's musical plays give young performers an opportunity to sing music that has stood the test of time, cleverly adapted to the language of the original books. All contain songs the chorus will enjoy singing, as well as a variety of solos and duets of a more demanding nature. Boys will enjoy singing these as much as the girls. Single-line vocal scores and full keyboard accompaniments are available.

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Cabbages & Kings is based on Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. The whole production takes place on a large chess board, with the actors playing their parts as chess pieces. To underline the variety of different characters, a kaleidoscope of musical styles is presented, using music spanning seven centuries and ranging from classical to pop. Cabbages & Kings has been successfully performed by schools in both Cambridge and Essex.

Coach to Canterbury Five of Chaucer's famous Canterbury Tales, set to music from the 14th to the 20th century. Suitable for families and all ages.

Great Expectations Mr Pip This musical is based on Dickens' popular novel Great Expectations. This musical adaptation abounds with folk tunes and also draws on 19th century classical melodies to match the life styles of the different characters. Keeping closely to Dickens' own words, this is a welcome change from other adaptations of his novels.

Humbug is based on A Christmas Carol by Dickens. This adaptation draws on music from popular Gilbert & Sullivan songs to create the 19th century atmosphere. It also includes two traditional Christmas Carols, and a dance mentioned by Dickens. This musical dramatisation gives plenty of scope for chorus participation, as well as solo singing and speaking roles.

New Clothes A humourous adaptation of Hans Andersen's Emperor's New Clothes, woven together with stories from Grimm, using folk melodies and music by Kurt Weill.

Please Mr Perks A musical adaptation of E. Nesbit's ever-popular novel The Railway Children, and revolving around Mr Perks, the jovial railway porter. It uses music ranging from majestic tunes by Elgar to cheerful melodies from the music hall.

Portia is based on Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. It draws on tunes which Shakespeare himself would have known. The result is a blending of words and music of the Elizabethan era.A distinctive feature in this adaptation is the use of Israeli folk tunes for Shylock. These provide a memorable ending to the trial scene.

The Magic Piper combines the words of Browning's Pied Piper and the music of Mozart's Magic Flute.This musical version of The Pied Piper was written for Thaxted Primary School,who gave its first performance to great acclaim at the Thaxted Festival.

The Prince & the Pauper is a musical play written in 2010 for the centenary of its author Mark Twain. The tunes used are all from the Tudor period, in which thestory takes place. The two main characters understandably have the largest parts on stage, but there are opportunities for several minor characters and plenty of songs for the chorus.

Three Men in a Boat Based on J.K.Jerome's famous light-hearted trip up the Thames, this adaptation uses memorable melodies from Gilbert & Sullivan.

What You Will Musical adaptation of Shakespear's comedy Twelfth Night. With a Mediterranean flavour, it uses music from Spain, including dazzling dances from Carmen.

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