Book coverSound in Sight
"I wish my pupils did more practice!" is a familiar cry from many a frustrated music teacher.
"I did try to do my practice, but I didn't ever seem to get better!" might be the reply from an equally frustrated pupil.

Quintus Benziger has become more and more aware of the many problems involved in practice. In this short book, he wants to share with other music teachers some new perspectives on how pupils learn.

Practice can, indeed, be seen as both work and play. It can become a fascinating process, where pupils actually think about what they are doing, rather than merely go through the motions in relentless repetitions. The steps they take will be small, but secure, and planned so as to avoid, rather than to rectify errors. Above all, practice will be seen as something positive and achievable, where pupils take an active part in their progress. By using a balanced diet of listening and looking, as suggested in this book, pupils will begin to find a new sense of success.

They will start to hear with their eyes.

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